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Mentoring at Entrepreneur events

At entrepreneur event
I always was doubtful and uncertain when it comes to YES LET’S DO IT. Entrepreneurial spirit was the one that validated that I must be doing and moving on. Although I don’t believe to be lived in auto mode because of some reasons, it is the first priority and concern out of millions of different other options. “That, I can CHOOSE”.

I am an entrepreneur.
It is not the tag or status but the energy and spirit that accomplish so much being the best of who you are. Therefore every situation, either good or bad; where I am challenged to deliver my experiences just makes me excited and shine. And I selfishly break in to the opportunity of give and receive.

Collective growth is the real growth.
We collide, we fight, we roll, we learn, we teach….and the best impact it has is on growth. The happenstance of collective growth or realization of which is indeed important. And the exchange of ideas and insights, networking with like minded people were what I have experienced a…

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